True WYSIWYG LaTeX System

Fonts and Macros for typesetting Russian
installation module for BaKoMa TeX 8

This module includes LaTeX styles and speller dictionaries for preparing russian compuscripts.
  • Russian support for Plain TeX, AmsTeX, and LaTeX 2.09
    NOTE: In LaTeX 2e russian is supported by standard Babel package.
  • CMCyr - Cmputer Modern Cyrillic (N.Glonti) fonts in Type1 font format.
  • PSCyr - Collection of Cyrillic PostScript fonts with proper setup.
  • IHEP preprint style for preparing IHEP preprints and autoreferats.
    It is intended for working with `LaTeX 2.09 + NFSS + Rus/T2A' or with `LaTeX 2e' in compatibility mode.

This module installs the styles under BaKoMa TeX 8.0 and later.
To install the fonts just open the RUSSIAN.BKZ unit.

After installing this module and restarting the BaKoMa Text Editor, you should find new items in the 'TeX Formats' menu:

  • Plain + Rus/T2A
  • AmsTeX + Rus/T2A
  • LaTeX 2.09 + NFSS + Rus/T2A

CMCyr Fonts

The CMCYR fonts are an add-on to Knuth's CM fonts designed to cover the modern Russian letters. These fonts were designed by N.Glonty and A.Samarin at IHEP, Protvino.

This module includes virtual fonts that combine these fonts with CM fonts to produce font families for Russian users:

  • T2A - requires installing of T1 fonts from kernel;
  • LCY - OT1 + cp866 (principal emulation of LH* fonts);
  • CZ - OT1 + T2A (used for russification of Plain TeX, Ams TeX, and LaTeX 2.09)
Note: In addition to installing these fonts, this module creates substitution records for LH* and LA* fonts. For this reason, standard LaTeX 2e russification based on T2A encoding and LA* fonts will work with these fonts without any modifications.

PSCyr Fonts

This module includes PSCyr Font Collection 0.4d-beta9 (15-Oct-2004).
Known editors: Sergey Naumov, Vitaly Repin (, Konstantin Chumachenko (, Alexander Lebedev (

Primary location of the PSCyr font collection 0.4 is:


2004/03/23 - Merged from IHEP, CMCyr, PSCyr for V 6.40.
2004/03/26 - Embeds russian support for Plain TeX, LaTeX 2.09, AmsTeX.
2004/05/25 - Added font family: Literaturnaya.
2006/06/23 - Updated PSCyr -- 0.4d beta 9
2006/09/30 - CMCYR: added /space to the fonts cmcyr10, cmcyr12.
2007/01/14 - Fixed russian.sty (\CYRW -> \CYRV)
2007/05/22 - For 8.0 spell dictionaries has been moved to subdirectory.
2008/05/27 - Fixed configuration of RULTX209.

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