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Greek Fonts with Macros
installation module for BaKoMa TeX 6

This module installs some fonts useful for typesetting greek: Kerkis (in Type 1 font format) and rgrfonts (in Type 3 font format).

This module installs the fonts under BaKoMa TeX 6.40 and later.
To install the fonts just open the GREEK.BKZ unit.


To typeset Greek documents with Kerkis fonts following commands are useful:
\DeclareErrorFont{LGR}{mak}{m}{n}{10} % To avoid touching `grmn1000'
To edit documents in iso-8859-7 encoding under BaKoMa Text Editor (Centaur) you can choose cp1253, because they are well matched.

Use \grverb (instead \verb) and grverbatim (instead verbatim environment) provided by grverb package.


2004/05/11 - Has been packed on user request.

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