True WYSIWYG LaTeX System

Changes History

Express Patches

Version 9.51 (5-May-2011)

  • SVG Output is now compatible with Chrome, Safari, FireFox (4.0)
  • Dialog refinments (removed extra borders around static controls)
  • Optimized messages - removed undesired error alarms, hide some test information.
  • Garamond package - added.
  • Mathdesign package - fixed configuration, including usage of Garamond.

Version 9.50 (30-Apr-2011)

Noticeable features

  • Redesigned icons for all programs.
    Common toolbar (customizable) includes icons in style office-2003.
    Typesetting (formatting) toolbar includes modern chameleon icons, that allows user to choise color of icons.
  • Common Settings allow to choice between different icon styles and sizes. It allows to select old icons.
    Styles and sizes for common toolbars and formatting toolbars may be selected separately.
  • MetaHelp program has now modern redesigned user interface, and improved startup speed.

Compatibility imrovements and bug fixes

  • Improved support of PostScript Type 4 images.
  • Fixed garbage selection when clicking far from any text.
  • Fixed configuration of ams fonts (bold subscripts).
  • Linux version is available in both DEB and RPM packages now.

Version 9.45 (12-Mar-2011)

Most important news is that BaKoMa TeX 9.45 works also under Linux.
See Linux TEST/Preview Version

Scheduled changes

  • Rebuild all programs by using Visual Studio 2010,
    such that preinstalling "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package" not needed more.
  • Linux/Mac OS X compatibility.
    We fix several features of BaKoMa TeX to provide compatiblity with Linux and MAC OS X versions of BaKoMa TeX.
  • Main application icons were redesigned by outsourced designer.

Added and Updated Packages

  • psfonts: changed substitutions of PostScript base fonts from Windows core fonts (TimesNewRoman, Arial, etc.) to URW Nimbus fonts.
    So, we avoid any surprises related with different fonts distributed with different windows systems.
  • comicsans: added to repo, fixed bug in handling encoding.
  • revtex 4.1, overdiek, natbib, ...

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues in 'arcto' and 'arct' PostScript operators.
  • Fixed handling of EPS files created by cairo graphics
    Eat EOD from LZWDecode at end of reading image data.

Version 9.40 (10-Nov-2010)

Upgrading to BaKoMa TeX 9.40

BaKoMa TeX 9.40 has redesigned user interface, with several radical changes.
In this reason, automatical upgrade of installed BaKoMa TeX 9.05
to BaKoMa TeX 9.40 by using 'Update Packages' isn't available.
We lock it to avoid confusion of users who waits only package updates.

To perform upgrade you must explicitly use the link .

Most Noticeable Improvements

  • Advanced User Interface
    introduced in TeXWord, Centaur, DVIEW provides following benefits:
    • modern flexible window docking (press mouse on title of any subwindow - source files, working files, document outline - and move the window around desktop by dragging mouse as you want.
    • Toolbars are redockable (including vertical) and floatable. Instead of folding they have extension menu.
    • TAB Controls: have Quick access menu; may be reordered by dragging; split (by dragging and special command); etc.
  • Autosave and autoreload files is integrated feature of TeXWord and Centaur.
    it allows to edit documents simultaneously in Centaur and TeXWord. The idea is that in autosave mode Centaur and TeXWord saves files on timer and on coming to background. In opposite, on coming program to foreground autoreload is performed. So, that when one document is opened in both programs (or event more - one document may be opened in several copies of TeXWord) changes will be automatically synchronized at switching between programs.
    This feature replaces dynamical preview feature.
  • Centaur has the same Symbols panels as in TeXWord.
    It will be easier to switch between editors.
  • Syntax Completion is now activated by single TAB key in Centaur and TeXWord, Cenatur uses the same TeXWord syntax tables.
  • TeXWord may highlight misspelled words in Source
    or in both (Preview and Source) windows (as configured in Options/Spell ...).
You can also notice dozens of another minor changes.
However, we hope these changes will not confuse you.

Obsolete Features

BaKoMa TeX 9.40 lacks some obsolete features:
  • Import of Windows Metafiles (WMF and EMF) are not supported more.
    Our general road map is document portability across different systems. Unfortunately, Windows Metafiles are fairly unportable. So, if you have WMF files you should convert them into EPS or PDF.
  • Dynamical Preview in Centaur Text Editor is not supported more.
    This feature was used before TeXWord was appeared. In actual version you can have document opened simultaneously in Centaur and TeXWord. Files will be synchronized automatically at switching between programs when AutoSave feature is enabled in both. So, buttons for launching dynamical preview were replaced by one button for opening current file in TeXWord.
  • Windows 2000 is not supported by this version.
    Most recent version running on Windows 2000 is BaKoMa TeX 9.05.
If you think that some of these features must be recovered try to change our opinion by using contact form.

Previous Test Versions

Version 9.30 RC2 (10-Oct-2010)

Release Candidate 2.
Autoclosing of Symbol Panels has been reimplemented in new version.
... and bug fixing ...

Version 9.20 RC1 (3-Sep-2010)

Release Candidate 1.
General Bug fixing.
Few changes in interface only touch collisions.

Version 9.10 Testing (15-May-2010)

First published Test version.

Version 9.05 (23-Mar-2010)

Beginning from BaKoMa TeX 9.0 you can use Update Utility available in Windows launch menu:

  Start/All Programs/BaKoMa TeX/Update Packages

You can move this command to 'Start/All Programs/StartUp' group to check updates every time at windows login.

BaKoMa TeX 9.05 includes a lot of minor improvements and bug fixing in programs:
TeXWord, DVIPS, PostLine, eTeX, etc.

Updated and fixed following packages:

beamer-fuberlin, ccicons, hyperref, pgf, pgfplots, powerdot-fuberlin, pst-3dplot, pst-abspos, pst-am, pst-barcode, pst-func, pst-gantt, pst-knot, pst-math, pst-mirror, pst-optexp, pst-poly, pst-tree, pstricks-add, pstricks, stellenbosch, tikz-3dplot, tikz-qtree, txfonts.

- 9.03 -

abstract, achemso, algorithms, animate, anonchap, answers, appendix, asyfig, babelbib, background, bclogo, bez123, bezos, blindtext, booklet, boolexpr, calctab, caption, ccaption, changelayout, changepage, chemstyle, chngcntr, cite, classicthesis, cleveref, codedoc, collref, coollist, coolstr, csquotes, ctable, curves, dashrule, dashundergaps, datatool, diagmac2, disser, docmute, dox, elsarticle, emptypage, enumitem, epigraph, eqexam, erdc, estcpmm, etextools, etoolbox, fixme, floatrow, fmtcount, fonttable, footmisc, formats, gcite, getfiledate, grid, gridset, guit, hanging, hyphenat, ifluatex, ifmtarg, ifplatform, ijmart, ionumbers, isodoc, isomath, keycommand, koma-script, layouts, logical-markup-utils, ltxdockit, ltxmisc, ltxnew, ly1, mailmerge, makecell, makecmds, makeplot, mattens, memoir, metalogo, mfpic, midpage, minitoc, minutes, mlist, ms, mwcls, nag, natbib, needspace, newfile, nextpage, oberdiek, pagecont, pagenote, paresse, pauldoc, pict2e, printlen, pstool, rangen, rjlparshap, romannum, rsc, sagetex, showlabels, siunitx, spverbatim, stdclsdv, steinmetz, stringstrings, tablists, tabularew, tdclock, tdsfrmath, textpos, threeparttablex, titlepic, titling, tocbibind, tocloft, tocvsec2, todonotes, totcount, trimspaces, tufte-latex, tugboat, umthesis, verse, version, vertbars, widetable.

- 9.02 -


- 9.01 -

amscls, amscls.doc, babel, cyrillic, graphics, latex, pst-geo, tools.

Version 9.0 (9-Sep-2009)

Autodownload -- Automatical download missed packages

Missed packages but required by your documents will be automatically downloaded from our server and installed. For downloading and installing new packages document processing will be paused for completion of downloading.

Now we keep almost comprehensive set of (La)TeX packages on our site, such that manual installation of LaTeX package will not be required more.

NOTE: Internet connection is required - packages are downloaded through internet.

AutoUpdate - Check and install updated packages.

'Start/All Programs/BaKoMa TeX/Update Packages' menu.

You can move this command to 'Start/All Programs/StartUp' group to check updates every time at windows login.

This feature isn't restricted by LaTeX packages. BaKoMa TeX IDE (TeXWord, Centaur) and other programs also may be updated by using this tool. In this reason, this feature will work only when upgrade period of your licence isn't expired.

NOTE: Internet connection is required - updated index is downloaded through internet.

Package Manager - tool to add/remove individual packages.

'Start/All Programs/BaKoMa TeX/Package Manager' menu.

Simple tool to install more packages or remove already installed packages.

NOTE: Internet connection is required - packages are downloaded through internet.

TeX documentation is searchable online.

'Start/All Programs/BaKoMa TeX/About BaKoMa TeX' menu or
'Help/BaKoMa MetaHelp'

Now we do not include documentation for TeX packages into distribution package. However, MetaHelp (invoked by 'Help/BaKoMa MetaHelp' menu command) provides access to entire document collection through internet.

You can search TeX commands and LaTeX environments through entire document collection.

Documents are downloaded into local computer on the fly (when you try to open it).

User Interface Improvements.

Interesting improvements in TeXWord:
  • Automatical reload files changed by third party programs.
    TeXWord detects changing buffered input files at activating (going to foreground). Changed files are reloaded with proper synchronization of typesetting engine.
    This feature permits to edit source files by third party programs. Good example is editing LaTeX pictures by using such program as TeXCad. Another example is some text manipulation tools. or even alternative text editor.
  • 'Search/Page by Number' (Ctrl+F3) command search logical page number beginning from next page after current when specified page number is matched with current page number. In other words, to find another page with the same logical number you should issue 'Search/Page by Number' command without changing required page number.
  • 'Change Focus to Proof (Preview) by mouse click' is new option in 'Options/Editing Settings/General' dialog of TeXWord program.
    This option is intended for users whose edit document in source window and use proof (preview) window for navigation purposes. In this case changing focus to proof (preview) window at mouse click isn't desired. So, such users should just uncheck this option to disable changing focus.
    NOTE: Ctrl+TAB continue to change focus between source and proof (preview) windows.
There are changes related with autodownload...
  • Centaur: TeX/TeX Formats
    We provide much more formats in Centaur. In this reason, menu is split into two parts: main list includes already downloaded formats. 'More Formats' submenu includes all other available formats whose may be downloaded via an internet. It is required only select them. Then required packages will be downloaded automatically at attempt of generating format file (TeX/IniTeX) or at compiling a document.
  • TeXWord: TeX Running Options/TeX Format
    Format List shows all available LaTeX formats. Required formats will be downloaded automatically when needed.
Fixes bug and discrepancies.
  • Centaur: StartUp (Default) Project has been moved from $TEXMFUSER/texmf.ini to $TEXMFUSER/Startup.tpj that provide more reasonable appearance.
  • Fixed regenerating font cache files when they are used. It is appeared when fonts or configuration is changed when fonts are in use. Such situation was appeared in previous versions only after update system without reboot. But with autodownload feature this problem is appeared much more frequently.

Upgrade Notes.

BaKoMa TeX 9.0 can't be installed as upgrade on top of previously installed version of BaKoMa TeX. It is because of too different structure of new distribution. Most of differences are related with autodownload and autoupdate features.

However, any customizations made in $TEXMFUSER (V 8.50) will continue to work.

Customizations from LOCAL subdirectory may be copied into new system without changes and will continue to work. However, you must understand that in most cases they will not be needed, because new system is attached to large enought package repository which will be used automatically via internet when it is needed.

To migrate to new version We recommend to install it into new directory (but on the same drive) without removing previous version.

Additional Modules.

Distribution of BaKoMa TeX 9.0 do not have additional modules. They may be download on the fly when you select proper items. Below table should suggest what option to choose for a modules.
  • e-TeX processor is included into Core.
    Plain e-TeX in Centaur may be selected via 'TeX/TeX Formats/More Formats' menu.
  • Omega processor is included into Core.
    Omega and Lambda may be selected via 'TeX/TeX Formats/More Formats' menu.
  • LaTeX Doc -- MetaHelp download them automatically ...
  • TeXsis -- -- 'texsis', 'psizzl' and etc. formats may be selected in 'TeX/TeX Formats/More Formats' Centaur menu.
  • Czech -- 'cslatex' and 'cstex' may be selected in 'TeX/TeX Formats/More Formats' Centaur menu.
  • Polish -- 'platex' and 'mex' may be selected in 'TeX/TeX Formats/More Formats' Centaur menu.
  • Russian -- 'LaTeX 2.09 + NFSS + RUS/T2A', 'AmsTeX + RUS/T2A' and 'Plain TeX + RUS/T2A' may be selected in 'TeX/TeX Formats/More Formats' Centaur menu.
Other modules will be downloaded on the fly when they are used by your document.

Saving the Distribution

With new version you need to save only quicksetup.exe file. Other packages are kept in our server permanently, and proper versions will be available even after update.

However, if you don't trust that packages will be always available on our server you can order DVD disk with complete distribution. [This feature will be available in nearest feature].

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