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Contents of this module has been merged with LaTeX 2e unit.
Contents of this page is frozen beginning from V 7.40.

Popular Graphics Packages
installation module for BaKoMa TeX 6

This module includes popular macro packages described in `LaTeX graphics Companion'.
  • Chapter 4 - Harnessing PostScript inside LaTeX: the PSTricks package.
  • Chapter 5 - The Xy-Pic package.
  • Chapter 6 - Applications in chemistry, physics, and engineering
    • 6.4 - Drawing Feynman diagrams with FeynMF and Axodraw.
    • 6.5 - Typesetting timing diagrams
  • Chapter 9 - The world of color. (9.4 - the seminar class).
This module can install the packages under BaKoMa TeX 6.61 and later.
To install it just open GRAPHICS.BKZ unit.

Useful information for every package:

XYPIC3.6It is very powerfull diagram drawing package.
You can use it in following modes:
  1. default mode (Xy-Fonts are included in Type 1 and Type 3 formats);
  2. with TPIC back-end (it is emulated by BaKoMa TeX);
  3. with PostScript back-end (\usepackage[ps,dvips]{xy}). Recomended.
Author:Kristoffer H. Rose and Rose Moore

PSTRICKS97It is great package, which have a lot of tools to produce pretty illustrations. It uses PostScript features supported by DVIPS and DVIEW.
Author: Timothy van Zandt
Source: CTAN:graphics/pstricks
PICNodes - Simple package to replace a text in imported PostScript figures by PSTricks nodes. This approach able to make sign in PS figures from TeX, make connections between marked points of different figures and other document material. And make labels under connections.

SEMINAR1.0The best package for making slides.
Note: It is good to use it together with PSTricks.
Author: Timothy van Zandt
Source: CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/other/seminar

FEYNMFExcellent package for Feynmann diagrams. It uses MetaFont or MetaPost to make job.
BaKoMa TeX supports this package via MetaPost. So, activate it via: \usepackage{feynmp}. In addition, there is small style (autopost.sty) that automatically runs MetaPost at end of writing every MetaPost output file. To use it say:
Author:Thorsten Ohl

AXODRAWSimple package for Feynmann diagrams It takes output quality comparable with FeynMF, because it uses PostScript to draw diagram elements. However, it is extremly simple.
Author: J.A.M. Vermaseren
Source: CTAN:graphics/axodraw

TIMINGSimple package for drawing Timing diagrams.
Note: Required fonts are included in Type 3 font format.
Author:Ludwig May, Jens Leilich
Source: CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/other/timing

There is NO warranty. You may redistribute this software under the terms of the copyright of every package. For more information about these matters, see sources for every package.

1999/06/05 - This module has been released by BKM.
2000/03/24 - Type3 fonts for timing package was refined (GS/hypot, eliptical pen).
2001/09/09 - PSTricks was updated.
2001/10/25 - `fancybox.sty' was removed from Seminar directory.
2004/09/03 - PSTricks has been updated (using xcolor).
2004/10/05 - Added pst-light3d, pst-bar (requires V 6.61).
2004/10/15 - Updated xkeyval.

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