Getting started with tidytags

This vignette introduces the initial setup necessary to use tidytags. Specifically, this guide offers help for two key tasks.

  1. Making sure your TAGS tracker can be accessed
  2. Getting and storing Twitter API tokens

Key Task #1. Making sure your TAGS tracker can be accessed

A core functionality of tidytags is to retrieve tweets data from a Twitter Archiving Google Sheet; TAGS). A TAGS tracker continuously collects tweets from Twitter, based on predefined search criteria and collection frequency.

Here we offer a brief overview on how to set up TAGS, but be sure to read through the information on the TAGS landing page for thorough instructions on getting started with TAGS.

We recommend using TAGS v6.1.

You will be prompted to Make a copy of TAGS that will then reside in your own Google Drive space. Click the button to do this.

Your TAGS tracker is now ready to use! Just follow the two-steps of instructions on the TAGS tracker:

tags tracker screenshot

tidytags is set up to access a TAGS tracker by using the googlesheets4 package. One requirement for using googlesheets4 is that your TAGS tracker has been “published to the web.” To do this, with the TAGS page open in a web browser, go to File >> Share >> Publish to the web.


The Link field should be ‘Entire document’ and the Embed field should be ‘Web page.’ If everything looks right, then click the Publish button.


Next, click the Share button in the top right corner of the Google Sheets window, select Get shareable link, and set the permissions to ‘Anyone with the link can view.’