rscala: Bridge Between 'R' and 'Scala' with Callbacks

'Scala' <> is embedded in 'R' and callbacks from 'Scala' to 'R' are available. Support is provided to write 'R' packages that access 'Scala'. After installation, please run 'rscala::scalaConfig()'. The vignette provides an update of the original paper <doi:10.18637/jss.v092.i04>.

Version: 3.2.21
Depends: R (≥ 3.1.0)
Imports: utils
Suggests: knitr, testthat, devtools, rstudioapi, processx
Published: 2023-01-27
Author: David B. Dahl [aut, cre]
Maintainer: David B. Dahl <dahl at>
License: Apache License 2.0 | file LICENSE
NeedsCompilation: no
SystemRequirements: Scala (>= 2.11), Java (>= 8)
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Reference manual: rscala.pdf
Vignettes: Integration of R and Scala Using rscala


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Reverse imports: aibd, bamboo, shallot
Reverse suggests: commonsMath


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