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R package to translate text.


The polyglotr package is a language translation tool for the R programming language. It provides convenient functions to translate text using different (free) translation services. This vignette will guide you through the usage of the package and demonstrate how to translate text and files in various languages.

Currently, the package has functions to communicate with the following services: - Google Translate API - Mememory API - Linguee API (GitHub dev version of polyglotr package)


To install the package:

# The easiest way is to get polyglotr from CRAN

# Alternatively, install the development version from GitHub
# install.packages("remotes")


To demonstrate the usage of the polyglotr package, let’s consider an example where we translate a list of texts into multiple languages using the create_translation_table function.

texts <- c("Hello, how are you?", 
           "I love programming!", 
           "This is a test.")

languages <- c("es", 

create_translation_table(texts, languages)

#>        Original_word                     es
#> 1 Hello, how are you?     ¿Hola, cómo estás?
#> 2 I love programming! ¡Me encanta programar!
#> 3     This is a test.    Esto es una prueba.
#>                           fr                       de
#> 1 Bonjour comment allez-vous?   Hallo, wie geht's dir?
#> 2        J'adore programmer ! Ich liebe Programmieren!
#> 3              C'est un test.        Das ist ein Test.