matrixprofiler 0.1.7 -------------------- - Fixed issue on Makefile for Unix/Mac systems that triggered some CRAN policy about “Packages should not attempt to disable compiler diagnostics, nor to remove other diagnostic information such as symbols in shared objects.” The objective was to reduce the compiled library that even in release mode have being compiled in debug mode. More info at matrixprofiler 0.1.5 -------------------- - Fixed `Rcpp` as specified by the PR \#15 from Dirk @eddelbuettel matrixprofiler 0.1.4 -------------------- - Dropped PAA algorithm - Added some math helper functions matrixprofiler 0.1.3 -------------------- - CRAN fixes matrixprofiler 0.1.0 -------------------- - Initial implementation of this package. - This package will keep all core functions that will allow you to use the Matrix Profile concept as a toolkit. - It will be the main dependency of the already available package `tsmp`.