Quick Start Guide

  1. Get an OpenAI API key from here.

  2. Set the key as an environment variable inside your R session:


# Windows users must also set these two environment variables:
Sys.setenv(GIT_AUTHOR_NAME = "Your Name")
Sys.setenv(GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL = "Your Email")
  1. From inside RStudio, run this single command commit() to add, commit and push with a GPT-generated commit message.

# Ensure getwd() is in your git repo
# Make some changes to files
# Add all changes, commit and push to GitHub with a single command

If you prefer to see some sample output of what your commit message may look like, you can try:


You can also see what GPT provides based on your own input:

suggest_commit_message("Tidied headings in plots, optimised matrix multiplication in hpc.R")
# Updated headings and improved matrix multiplication performance.

Note: ChatGPT is non-deterministic, so the same inputs can produce different outputs each time the function is run.