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eatGADS (educational assessment tools: GADS) is the data management and data handling tool used by the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement in Germany (IQB). It has a strong focus of handling and processing meta data.

eatGADS uses SQLite3 as a back end and is especially suited for importing data stored as SPSS files. eatDB is used for data base creating and use, haven is used for importing SPSS files.


# Install stable version from CRAN via

# Install development version from GitHub via
remotes::install_github("beckerbenj/eatGADS", build_vignettes = TRUE, dependencies = TRUE)


The functionality of eatGADS is extensively documented in various vignettes. If you have questions regarding existing functionality or requests for new features, contact the package author.

## See vignettes for exhaustive documentation
# overview over all vignettes
vignette(package = "eatGADS")

# see a specific vignettes
vignette("import_spss") # how to import spss data?
vignette("getGADS") # how to use a eatGADS data base?