Open Bodem Index Calculator (OBIC)

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This R package can be used to calculate the Open Bodem Index (OBI). The OBI is a tool that evaluate the soil of agricultural fields based on four main criteria: chemical, physical, biological and management. These four criteria consist of more than 21 indicators to get a comprehensive picture of the soil. More information about the Open Bodem Index can be found at Open Bodem Index.


OBIC can be installed from GitHub using remotes. This will install the current development version from master branch. Stable versions can found at releases.



Documentation of the R functions in the OBIC package can be found here

More information

The Open Bodem Index (OBI) is a collaboration between Wageningen UR, NMI and FarmHack in collaboration with agricultural experts. The Open Bodem Index Calculator is a tool used by the OBI and developed by NMI.

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