CRAN Package Check Results for Package surveyvoi

Last updated on 2023-01-27 11:49:40 CET.

Flavor Version Tinstall Tcheck Ttotal Status Flags
r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-clang 1.0.5 166.10 198.81 364.91 NOTE
r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc 1.0.5 121.00 140.68 261.68 NOTE
r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang 1.0.5 453.35 NOTE
r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc 1.0.5 410.41 NOTE
r-patched-linux-x86_64 1.0.5 134.05 187.64 321.69 NOTE
r-release-linux-x86_64 1.0.5 111.24 188.56 299.80 NOTE
r-release-macos-arm64 1.0.5 124.00 NOTE
r-release-macos-x86_64 1.0.5 152.00 NOTE
r-release-windows-x86_64 1.0.5 210.00 247.00 457.00 NOTE
r-oldrel-macos-arm64 1.0.5 110.00 NOTE
r-oldrel-macos-x86_64 1.0.5 152.00 NOTE
r-oldrel-windows-ix86+x86_64 1.0.5 399.00 325.00 724.00 NOTE

Check Details

Version: 1.0.5
Check: package dependencies
Result: NOTE
    Package suggested but not available for checking: ‘gurobi’
Flavors: r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-clang, r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc, r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang, r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc, r-patched-linux-x86_64, r-release-linux-x86_64, r-release-macos-arm64, r-release-macos-x86_64, r-release-windows-x86_64, r-oldrel-macos-arm64, r-oldrel-macos-x86_64, r-oldrel-windows-ix86+x86_64

Version: 1.0.5
Check: C++ specification
Result: NOTE
     Specified C++11: please update to current default of C++17
Flavors: r-devel-linux-x86_64-debian-gcc, r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-clang, r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc

Version: 1.0.5
Check: top-level files
Result: NOTE
    Non-standard files/directories found at top level:
     ‘config.log’ ‘config.status’
Flavor: r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc

Version: 1.0.5
Check: compilation flags in Makevars
Result: NOTE
    Package has both ‘src/’ and ‘src/Makevars’.
    Installation with --no-configure' is unlikely to work. If you intended
    ‘src/Makevars’ to be used on Windows, rename it to ‘src/’
    otherwise remove it. If ‘configure’ created ‘src/Makevars’, you need a
    ‘cleanup’ script.
Flavor: r-devel-linux-x86_64-fedora-gcc

Version: 1.0.5
Check: installed package size
Result: NOTE
     installed size is 10.6Mb
     sub-directories of 1Mb or more:
     libs 9.5Mb
Flavors: r-release-macos-arm64, r-release-macos-x86_64, r-oldrel-macos-arm64, r-oldrel-macos-x86_64