Source: filecontentsdef.dtx (v1.2 2016/09/19) Author: Jean-Francois Burnol Info: filecontents + macro + verbatim License: LPPL 1.3c Copyright (C) 2016 Jean-Francois Burnol. ABSTRACT ======== This lightweight LaTeX2e package provides two environments called `filecontentsdef` and `filecontentshere`. They are derived from the LaTeX `filecontents` environment as extended by Scott Pakin's [filecontents] [1] package. In addition to the file creation they either store the (verbatim) contents in a macro (`filecontentsdef`) or typeset them (verbatim) on the spot (`filecontentshere`). I developed this to display TeX code verbatim in documentation and simultaneously produce during the LaTeX run the corresponding files in order to embed them in the PDF as _file attachment annotations_ (via the services of Scott Pakin's further package [attachfile] [2].) [1]: "filecontents package" [2]: "attachfile package" INSTALLATION ============ To extract the package (.sty) run etex on the dtx file. To produce the PDF documentation, either: 1. latex (twice) filecontentsdef.dtx, then dvips, then ps2pdf 2. or pdflatex (twice), 3. or latex (twice) then dvipdfmx This will also extract automatically the style file. Installation: filecontentsdef.sty -> TDS:tex/latex/filecontentsdef/filecontentsdef.sty filecontentsdef.dtx -> TDS:source/latex/filecontentsdef/filecontentsdef.dtx filecontentsdef.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/filecontentsdef/filecontentsdef.pdf -> TDS:doc/latex/filecontentsdef/ The other files may be discarded. LICENSE ======= This Work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License 1.3c. This version of this license is in > and the latest version of this license is in > and version 1.3 or later is part of all distributions of LaTeX version 2005/12/01 or later. The Author of this Work is: - Jean-Francois Burnol `` This Work consists of the main source file filecontentsdef.dtx and the derived files filecontentsdef.sty, filecontentsdef.ins, filecontentsdef.pdf, filecontentsdef.dvi, CHANGE LOG ========== v1.2 \[2016/09/19\] ------------------- Initial version.